Take Me To The Lakes Schwarzwald Edition Release

Our Most Recent Publication Guides You on a Journey of Discovery Through the Black Forest. Ponds tucked away at the heart of the forest, crystal clear cirque lakes, wild riverbanks and postcard-worthy views as far as the eye can see. We’ve travelled across Germany in all cardinal directions in search of Germany’s most beautiful bathing spots. To date, we’ve compiled our favourite finds in eight Take Me to the Lakes editions. The launch of our Schwarzwald Edition marks a new chapter in our books—this pristine region is characterised by coniferous woodlands, traditional folk dresses and untouched landscapes.

Take Me to the Lakes – Schwarzwald Edition features 25 select lakes, river baths and gorges in the Northern Black Forest, Southern Black Forest and bordering Rhineland-Palatinate. The waters we recommend can easily be explored from the series of stunning getaways in nature that we selected to accompany you on your travels.

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