B2B – Konzeption und Design für Magnus Resch

Neben der Verwirklichung unserer Eigenpublikationen beraten und begleiten wir Kunden vom Exposé über die Redaktion, Gestaltung und Produktion bis zum gedruckten Buch, der Pressearbeit und dem Vertrieb.

Für das neue Buch von Magnus Resch "How To Create and Sell NFTs – A Guide For All Artists" haben wir die Buchkonzeption und das Design übernommen.

  • 168 Seiten
  • Softcover
  • Sprache: Englisch

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    Über Magnus Resch:

    Magnus Resch, PhD, is an art market economist, serial entrepreneur, and bestselling book author. He teaches art management at Yale, and has previously taught at Columbia. In 2016, he launched the Magnus app, which works like Shazam for art. Leonardo DiCaprio is an investor and adviser to the company. Magnus holds a PhD in economics, and studied at Harvard, the London School of Economics, and the University of St. Gallen. He has written seven books on the art market and his career has been portrayed in a Harvard Business School case study and in various articles, including in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Vanity Fair, and Financial Times. Magnus can be reached at magnus@magnusresch.com or via Instagram and Twitter (@magnusresch).

    Über Co-Autorin Tam Gryn:

    Tam Gryn is the former director of fine arts at Rally.io, where she helped artists create their own autonomous crypto economies, as well as head curator at SHOWFIELDS, where she is bridging art with retail. Tam has lectured at Harvard Business School and the New York Academy of the Arts. She currently contributes to Decentralized Arts by BanklessDAO and Women in Web3 Equity Miami. She was formerly the head of the curatorial department of the Artist Pension Trust as well as head curator for RAW POP UP, and was the founder of Culturadora. Tam sits on the board of the Kulturespace Foundation in Berlin. Originally from Venezuela, she studied Art History at Sorbonne University. She then specialized in Politics and Diplomacy at the Reichman University in Israel and received her M.A. in Negotiation and Conflict Resolution from Tel Aviv University. Tam can be reached via Twitter and Instagram.


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